Month: November 2017

blog「続・猛獣と木 “Monster and the wood continued”」

“If you can’t push it, pull it,” an angel whispered.


Like this..?


I got past.


After calculating it seems I have been stuck in this narrow room for one month as my blog shows I made this table on the 11th Oct.


The table couldn’t get through the door.


The feeling of relief as it was a very rough environment because there was no toilet or bathroom. However, there was electricity, water (recycled) and food (wood). It reminds me of the time I entered the toilet at a cafe in Madrid and at the moment I wanted to come out, I couldn’t because the door key was broken so had to shout for around an hour. Finally the cafe master showed up with a sulky look and opened the door and said “don’t break” or something in Spanish, but I was so relieved to be out that I didn’t care.


It just needs to be joined with the desk where the console is
and I will put the recording hardware to optimize to the new location for recording and mixing.


Soon “bias” can release the single “Early Summer Rain”. MV is finished. Thank you so much MAGDULLLA.